Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Cloud computing services are rapidly changing the way businesses and organizations use the information technology. In simple terms, cloud computing is related to anything that involves delivering the hosted products via internet connection. You are free to choose between a private or a public cloud. You can contact one of the providers who sells cloud services to users over the internet. While, a private cloud is one of the proprietary network or you can even say it is a data center which delivers hosted services to just a few numbers of users with limited amount of services and permissions.

Private or even public cloud computing aims to provide easy and scalable access to computing resources and including IT services as well.

In the latest world, cloud computing services are available very easily to cater all the needs of remote or even physical businesses to meet all the IT needs.


Types of cloud computing services


Cloud computing services have many of the types and every type has its own features and functionality. So you can choose from these which seems suitable for your business based on the requirements and many other things. Now let’s see what type of cloud computing services provides what advantage to your business.


1- Infrastructure as a service


Tgis type of cloud computing is also known as IaaS. This cloud computing service is used to access raw computing resources you can name them processing power, data storage capacity, networking and things like these.


2- Platform as a service


Platform as a service which is short for PaaS which is implemented towards software development teams, PaaS also offers computing and storage infrastructure with a development layer including components such as web servers, database management systems, and software development kits (SDK’s) to cater programming language.


3- Software as a service


Software as a service also known as SaaS. While SaaS providers offers users application level services that caters to many of the wide variety of business requirements namelt customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation or even business analytics as well.


4- Function as a service


This type of cloud computing service is also known as FaaS which is an event driven execution model, this technology helps users to build, run and manage app packages as functions and they even don’t need to maintain infrastructure.


How cloud services are supposed to work


As the IT solutions needs the combo of software and hardware, cloud services also needs them. Hence, there’s not much more a user need other than a computer, an internet connection and one if the operaring system so that they can access cloud services.


Cloud infrastructure


There are many of the things that a supplier detach from it’s computing capabilities at the time they are going to deliver the cloud infrastructure. Thesw hardware components are:


1- Power of processing from the central processing unit which is CPU.


2- Active memory from the random access memory which is RAM chip.


3- Graphics processing from the graphics processing units which is GPU.


4- Data storage availability from the data centers or even from hard drives.


This task is done through virtualization and virtual machines. Once the storage, computer and network components are separated, IaaS are provided to the users. This particular kind of cloud storage is leading a rapid acceptance of cloud computing services.


Benefits of cloud computing


1- Self service


The cliud computing is a self service which requires a web interface. It is a service that users can initiate some of the specific functions. Ecen increase or decrease the service usage as per their wish. It does not even require that much of interaction with the service providers.


2- Pay for use


A cloud computing is a service that allows its users to pay as per their wish. This also helps to reduce the substantial cost of your business. However, it is much cost saving that of traditional office setup.


3- Limitless scalability


Cloud computing service providers generally have the infrastructure to deliver the servuces at massive scale. In the case of cloud storage it directly means that it adds up to the users business growth or even services as well.


So now you are free to choose as per the features and requirements of your business, the type of cloud computing services that you are in need of.








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