Cloud computing

Cloud computing

The word cloud computing services directly refers to one of the wide range of services offered on demand to the companies and customers through the internet connection. These are the services are specially designed to cater easy, affordable access to the applications and resources. This all doesn’t need any internal infrastructure or hardware. Tasks such as checking email to collaborating on documents there is a great use of cloud computing services.

This technique is changing the momentum of any organisation, business and firm as well to achieve their daily goals. Cloud computing is rapidly changing the way of usage of information technology by business and public institution. Nowadays, cloud computing services are used to meet any kind of IT needs of business.

Hence, there are many types of cloud computing that you can choose to touch the sky with sales of your products or even if it’s services.


How cloud computing can add stars to your business?


In this era cloud computing is not a very new thing. However, cloud computing services can differ based on their services. There are many of the features that users can get advantage of. Let’s talk about them.


1- Cloud computing services are hosted and managed by provider. However, the cloud hosting provider purchases, hosts and maintain all of the necessary hardware and software in their own side. Users wants to avoid the capital expenditure and maintenance hassle which they would need to manage in case if they set it.


2- Cloud computing is one of the service that is self- service via a web interface. Users can request for the add-ons functions and increase or decrease the service usage level. Not only this, it is a service that doesn’t need much of web interface interaction with the service providers.


3- It is the service which is open for you to pay as you go. Which simply means that you need to pay for the amount of service that you use. This ultimately lead in substantial cost savings as compared to the traditional setup of your workspace. Traditional setup of office needs developed on-site IT capacities geared towards maximum usage scenarios.


4- Unlimited scalability of transactions on a daily basis. Cloud computing service providers have an infrastructure to cater a huge amount of products. In simple terms, it can easily add up to your business growth or rapid spikes in service usage.


Now, lets move forward to know more about the type of cloud computing services suitable for your business.


Types of Cloud computing services


1- Software as a service


One of the most popular and known type of cloud service named as Software as a service or short as SaaS. There are many of the services that comes under this type of cloud service namely such as file storage and backup, web based email and project management tools.

For example of SaaS cloud service, DropBox, G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Slack and Critix content collaboration etc. These application allows users to access, share, store and secure information in the cloud.


2- Infrastructure as a Service


Infrastructure as a service which is short as IaaS provides an environment that many of the cliud service providers need to manage the SaaS tools but don’t want to invest on managing them. Then this type of cloud computing service comes at rescue because it provides a whole data center framework, cutting down the need for the resource intensive, on-site installation.

Example of IaaS are Amazon web services which is also known as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engineer. These are the providers who focus on maintaining all the storage servers and networking hardware and many other things as well. Many of the well known SaaS providers run via IaaS platform.


3- Platform as a service


Platform as a service which is also known as PaaS is known to serve as a web-based environment where developers are free to develop any cloud apps. PaaS cater database, operating system and programming language which any organization can use to develop cloud based software without worrying about the maintenance hassle of underlying elements.


So these were some of the best matched cloud computing services use to enhance the performance of a business by needing less manpower.

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