Jobs in UK

Jobs in UK

UK is a country which is famous for jobs including great economy and famous cities offering big employers. Not only this, due to the pandemic the rule for EU are changing gradually.

Jobs in UK
Jobs in UK

It is such a strenuous task to find a job in UK on which you can rely on. Hence, if you don’t give up and keep trying for the job hunt then you can get one of the promising job as well. Deciding to leave your own country and find out a living in a new one is taky decision. It does takes a lot of efforts.

It sure is one of the big decision but is going to return alot if you keep yourself strictly passionate towards your goals.

However, if you are one of the candidate interested to get a job in UK then you should consider some points which are really important. Read this post till the end and you will find out.


The first step that you have to take is to think about these listed points:


1- What you expect about your future in UK?

2- How are you going to figure out one such perfect job for you?

3- Are you looking for the job that fits your schedule?

4- Figure Out your transferable skills that is going to reward you for the future employer.


If you are considering to get a job in UK then you must have to look out these points which will help you to get one of the promising job.


1- Increase the chance of your hiring


It’s recommended that you get to indulge into different types of job roles. This way you can get an initial working experience for job in UK. You can even try your hand in part-time jobs, it is one of the exciting working experience after your student life. So, you will just need to choose the part-time job that is linked with your subject.

You can even choose the project that seems interesting to you.


2- Career Service-landing your dream job


Universities in UK provides you a career service team that guides you for the overall development and leading you to get an influential CV. They also tell you on where to search and find the job in UK that you are searching for.


3- Find your graduate employer


There exist two main methods through which you can apply for the graduate scheme with any of the organization.


Graduate Schemes


There are the companies whi are ready to hire little to no-experience employees for this program. These programs comes with the tine duration of 3 to 6 months or can be upto 3 years contract as well.

This opportunity can land you many of the big opportunities so that you can get a real time working experience.

You can get a job in UK by applying for this category because the procedure starts with an online test.


Direct entry


This method involves you to apply for the job with a cover letter and CV in a company. Now this method is then followed through a telephonic interview which is followed by formal interview. You can apply into this category as an intern or even a full-time employee.


4- Use job hunting resources


Apart from searching jobs at many of the website you can also use different social networking sites which can guide you a job.

You can even make your efforts and join LinkedIn which is a great platform to showcase your skills and qualifications as well.

This is one of the network that can also be used to build a network with some big names. Try to apply for as many job as possible.


5- Work permits and visa


You will require a Tier 2 visa so that you can live and earn in UK. You can find many of the ways to apply for the Tier 2 visa. And, if you wish to apply as intern then you will need to have a Tier 5 visa.


6- License sponsor companies


You can get a vast variety of companies who is ready to sponsor you. They provide students with Tier 2 or Tier 5 visas. So that you can get entry in UK very easily.


Some of the job vacancies in UK


UK government websites also takes initiative to help you for the job hunt. These websites always update their portal with updated skills and vacancies. Some of the vacancies that are :


scientists (biochemistry, physics)

engineers (civil, mechanical, electrical)

IT (analysts, systems designers, programmers, web designers, software developers)

medical (practitioners, psychologists, radiographers, nurses, vets, occupational therapists)

education (secondary school teachers)

graphic designers

skilled chefs


We all love money and if its coming from the other country that simply means less time and big money in our country. This is why more than half of the Indian students dream to get a job in UK and country liek these. So make sure you apply for the same.


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