Top 10 MBBS university in UK

Top 10 MBBS university in UK

Studying in another country is one of the biggest decision of anyone’s career. And when you have selected medical as a career then you are an MBBS aspirant.

Top 10 MBBS university in UK
Top 10 MBBS university in UK

Studying in one of the top 10 MBBS university in UK will contribute not only into your academic years but also to your curriculum.

As you know that MBBS is one of the selective course in UK throughout the universities. However, UK Medical universities has got the 2nd highest nobel prize in medical field. And, the enrollment of international students in these universities getting increased day by day.

Not only this, if yiu have true dedication and passion in medical field then getting admission in one of the top 10 MBBS university in UK is the best option for you. It doesn’t just only provide you the successful career but also the promising job role.

MBBS is one of the mkst competitive and popular course among Indian and international students.

However, the quality of education provided in the UK universities are way better than education provided in any other countries across the globe.


Why choose UK to study MBBS?


1- United Kingdom is popular to deliver excellent quality of medical education throughout the globe.


2- Pursuing MBBS in one of the top 10 MBBS university in UK give students a proper career guidance which also inclides international exposure.


3- Top education and medical technology topping with advanced methodology. So that the students get best at it’s career.


4- Students get to receive the graduate degree in medical field which internationally recognized.


5- The students also gets to clear MRCS/MRCP diploma which are under world recognised authority.


Three types of undergraduate MBBS courses


If you are the one who wish to study in one of the top 10 MBBS university in UK then you need to take entry under these sections :


1- Standard Entry sections-


Take admission right after completing Class 12th (5 or 6 years)


2- Graduate Entry


After completing a graduation degree in related subject (4 or 5 years)


3- Preliminary Year


This is also considered as a foundation year for the students who doesn’t qualify entry requirements (6 years)


Top 10 MBBS university in UK have these entry requirements for the students admission. So make sure you qualify them.


Eligibility criteria for admission in MBBS


Here are some of the eligibility criteria that UK universities look for :


1- The age of aspirant must not under 18 years at the time of application.


2- Medical universities in UK conduct tests such as UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or BioMedical Admission Test (BMAT) as their requirements.


3- Student must perform best in Physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics for the application in MBBS.


Documents required for the application in MBBS


When you are looking forward to apply for the MBBS you must have the documents such as :


Self attested copies of Class X and Class XII marksheet

Invitation letter

Statement of purpose

Some financial proofs

Copy of valid passport

Certificate in English proficiency such as IELTS/UKCAT/BMAT

Passport size photographs.


Top 10 MBBS university in UK


University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

University of Glasgow

University of Edinburgh

University of Dundee

Imperial College London

Queen Mary University of London

Keele University

University of Exeter

Cardiff University


These are some of the universities that provides best and quality education to students. Not only this, but these universities also thinks about the students personal growth and this is why they offer extra classes of personal development and even different curriculum. Overall these universities helps students to outshine and stand out of crowd.


Procedure of admission in MBBS in UK


Step 1- make sure that you have all the required documents which are attested by higher authorities. Hence, if you are one of the Non- EU state native then you will have to apply to the university between 1 September and 30 June according to the semester. If you are one of the EU state then apply prior 15 January.


Step 2- Get registered at the official website of UCAS website so that you can fill and submit your application. However, all the applicants have to apply through UCAS portal.


Step 3- Once you have got the confirmation about the admission, you will need to apply for the immigration process. Now, you can visit the British Embassy in Delhi once you have received the invitation letter.


Step 4- Inform the date of arrival to the interested university in UK. University is going to send you a representative who is going to pick you up from the airport.


United kingdom is one of the educational hubs for international students across the globe. As an student in UK, you will get to experience an enriching experience of academic life giving you a new edge of personality and career. Hence, you get a chance to explore new opportunities and new people with contemporary and progressive culture.

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